The Swartland Photography Club, like most of the world, in the last 12 months had to revert to virtual meetings and club evenings.

These are the winners of our club events the last year.

Club Winners April 2021 – Set Subject: Easter (Judges: Herman Olivier & Adriaan Vlok)

Club Winners March 2021 – Set Subject: Colour & Emotion (Judge: Stewphen Burgstahler)

Club Winners February 2021 – Set Subject: Food (Judge: Celia Fouche)

Club Winners January 2021 – Set Subject: Travel (Judge: Niel Goslett)

Club Winners December 2020 – Set Subject: Patrone (Judges: Peter Hardcastle/Herman Olivier)

Club Winners November 2020 – Set Subject:Beweging/Movement (Judge: Bennie Vivier)

Club Winners October 2020 – Set Subject:Water (Judge: Niel Goslett)

Club Winners September 2020 – Set Subject: Low Light Black & White (Judge: Nicol du Toit)

Club Winners August 2020 – Set Subject: Shadows/Negative Spaces (Judge: Peter Hardcastle)

Club Winners July 2020 – Set Subject: Inanimate Objects (Judge: Lee Slabber)

Club Winners June 2020 – Set Subject: Farm Animals (Judge: Jan Marais)

Club Winners May 2020 – Set Subject: Golden Hour/Blue Hour (Judge: Stephen Burgstahler)

Club Winners April 2020 – Set Subject: Simplicity/Minimalistic (Judge: Lynne Kruger-Haye)

Club Winners March 2020 – Set Subject: Abstract/Altered Reality (Judge: Nicol du Toit)

Club Winners February 2020 – Set Subject: Macro (Judge: André Stipp)

Club Winners January 2020 – Set Subject: Refelections (Judge: Alicia Greyling)


Set Subjects for 2021