These are the winners of our latest club events.

Club Winners September 2021 – Set Subject: Flowers (Judges: Peter Hardcastle, Adriaan Vlok & Herman Olivier)

Club Winners August 2021 – Set Subject: Winter (Judge: Jane Bursey)

Club Winners July 2021 – Set Subject: Red (Judge: Steff Hughes)

Club Winners June 2021 – Set Subject: Product (Judge: André Stipp)

Club Winners May 2021 – Set Subject: Birds (Judge: Bennie Vivier)

Club Winners April 2021 – Set Subject: Easter (Judges: Herman Olivier & Adriaan Vlok)

Club Winners March 2021 – Set Subject: Colour & Emotion (Judge: Stewphen Burgstahler)

Club Winners February 2021 – Set Subject: Food (Judge: Celia Fouche)

Club Winners January 2021 – Set Subject: Travel (Judge: Niel Goslett)

Club Winners December 2020 – Set Subject: Patrone (Judges: Peter Hardcastle/Herman Olivier)

Club Winners November 2020 – Set Subject:Beweging/Movement (Judge: Bennie Vivier)

Club Winners October 2020 – Set Subject:Water (Judge: Niel Goslett)

Club Winners September 2020 – Set Subject: Low Light Black & White (Judge: Nicol du Toit)

Club Winners August 2020 – Set Subject: Shadows/Negative Spaces (Judge: Peter Hardcastle)

Club Winners July 2020 – Set Subject: Inanimate Objects (Judge: Lee Slabber)

Club Winners June 2020 – Set Subject: Farm Animals (Judge: Jan Marais)

Club Winners May 2020 – Set Subject: Golden Hour/Blue Hour (Judge: Stephen Burgstahler)

Club Winners April 2020 – Set Subject: Simplicity/Minimalistic (Judge: Lynne Kruger-Haye)

Club Winners March 2020 – Set Subject: Abstract/Altered Reality (Judge: Nicol du Toit)

Club Winners February 2020 – Set Subject: Macro (Judge: André Stipp)

Club Winners January 2020 – Set Subject: Refelections (Judge: Alicia Greyling)


Set Subjects for 2021